Rebound – Back to Balance

Rebound™ Back to Balance

Prevent fall injuries, protect your health & independence, and lead a more active life.

Prevent fall injuries, protect your health & independence, and lead a more active life.

Hometown’s Rebound Back to Balance program is effective in preventing falls in patients who may be at risk or to avoid any future incidents in patients who have already sustained a fall.

The program starts with a comprehensive fall risk assessment including strength, balance, living space/environmental factors, medications, footwear/foot problems, and numerous other aspects of life that can contribute to falls.

A customized balance treatment program is created based on the outcomes of the fall risk assessment.  Our specially trained therapists can provide specific therapeutic exercises, vestibular rehabilitation, balance training, gait training (focused on safe technique), footwear recommendations, kinesiology taping, and home safety/modification recommendations.

With the education provided in conjunction with these treatment recommendations, you can feel confident again as you return to your regular daily activities without the fear of falling.

The First Step to Balance: Proprioception

Proprioception works as a primary component of balance. When you close your eyes and raise your arm, you should still know where your arm is, even though you cannot see it. Muscles and tendons send signals to your brain about how they are stretched and bent. The brain then interprets those signals and determines where your body is. This is called proprioception.

When a person finds that he or she stumbles, falls, trips, or loses balance more often than seems entirely safe, bad proprioception often shares the blame. When it comes to balance and preventing falls, proprioception works much faster than your eyes or your sense of touch. When you are about to lose balance, proprioception should send warning signals from your feet, legs, and hips long before your eyes can sense a problem. Fortunately, the therapists at Hometown Home health Care know how to improve your proprioception.

The Therapists of Hometown Home Health Care use safe and fun exercises that challenge your balance.

Elements of a Thorough Balance Program:

  • Proprioception Adaptation
  • Strength Training
  • Improvements with Quickness
  • Anodyne Therapy: This cutting edge technology uses light therapy to improve circulation in your feel. Research suggests that this therapy improves sensation in the feet and reduces the rick of fall injuries.
  • Home Safety Consultation: Most fall injuries occur at a person’s residence. If you live in your own home, Hometown Home Health Care’s therapists can visit your home and consult with you on simple enhancements likely to improve your safety.
  • Gait Training: How high you raise your feet, the orientation of your toes when you walk, and many other issues affect the safety of your normal walking. Walking more safely is just a matter of learning new walking habits.
  • Customized Home Exercise Plan: Before your program is finished, Hometown Home Health Care’s therapists will teach you a few simple exercises that you can perform on your own. This will help maintain your accomplishments for years to come.


Have you tried traditional physical therapy for balance problems? Did it fall short of your goals? Try Hometown Home Health Care’s new proprioception program, Rebound Back to Balance!

Medicare pays 100% for these services for homebound individuals.

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