Joints Program

Before accepting any new post-orthopedic surgery client, Hometown Home Health & Hospice surveys the physician/surgeon and customizes their protocol for homecare services.

Physician’s Customized Orthopedic Home Care Protocol

Hometown’s specialized Joints program is designed to maximize the functional outcomes for patients who have elected to have joint replacement surgery.  We work closely with orthopedic surgeons and their patients to follow specific post-surgical plans meet or exceed the patient’s expectations.

Prior to the surgical date, a pre-operative strengthening program can be established, with a doctor’s order, to allow for a quicker recovery after surgery.

Upon discharge from the hospital post-surgery, therapy is initiated immediately to improve range of motion, initiate strengthening as appropriate, manage pain (non-pharmaceutical), improve functional mobility, provide gait training and educate clients as well as family/caregivers on precautions and safety.

Your in-home therapy treatment continues until you are able to manage your own treatment with an extensive home exercise program provided by your therapist, or if you are expecting to attend outpatient therapy for further rehabilitation.

  • Established orthopedic clinical pathway
  • Compliance with consensus-based national standards
  • Physician’s customized protocols
  • Effective and consistent use of appropriate evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for joint replacement and orthopedic surgery.
  • Analysis of at least four performance measures specific to joints or orthopedic surgical condition. These measures may range from pain, dyspnea, and ADL’s such as, dressing, transfers, gait, balance and range of motion


Environmental or Home Modification is an important component
during a speedy recovery program and the following aspects are covered:

• Re-arrange the furniture in order to provide maximum safety during transfers or ambulation.

• Safety assessment for risk factors and possible removal of rugs, unsafe furniture, lamps or any other item which may impair safety.


Before Surgery . . .

Some surgeons may prefer a pre-surgery strengthening program.

Hometown’s therapists may implement a self exercise plan before a surgery with a goal of strength improvement. This can increase the post surgical improvement and decrease healing time.

After Surgery . . .

Hometown’s nurse visits the patient within 24 hours of discharge from the hospital.

The nurse may assess the following:

  • Complete system evaluation.
  • Suture/staples evaluations and will educate on self wound care according to physician’s protocols.
  • Establish lines of communication between the patient, the physician/surgeon and the Hometown staff.
  • Education and management with Hometown’s unique
  • Anticoagulation Program. The nurse can check their Coumadin PT/INR levels using a state of the art machine that is done by the bedside.
    The results are instant and the nurse is able to discuss the plan of care with the physician in real time.


Hometown’s therapists are trained with this unique program and can help with the following:

  • Muscle strengthening, gait training, balance training, ADL improvement.
  • Setting up a home exercise program.
  • Surgical dressings.
  • Proper positioning of the operated site to reduce swelling and pain.
  • Appropriate activities.
  • Activities restrictions including the weight bearings.
  • Safety instructions & precautions.
  • Pain control.
  • Understanding and noting physician/surgeon’s appointment days, as Hometown’s therapists coordinate and communicate with
    the surgeon before the patient’s appointment with the surgeon.


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