Specialty Programs

Hometown Caring Hands provides creative specialty programs to improve mobility and provide ease of daily life activities

  • Mobility for Life Program ™

The Mobility for Life Program ™ provided by Hometown Caring Hands promotes independence and health maintenance in a fun, safe manner. This allows seniors the opportunity to interact with their peers while maintaining healthy life styles, balance, range of motion, and encouraging independent activities of daily living.

  • Dementia & Alzheimer’s Program

Hometown Caring Hand’s employees are specially trained to care for patients with Dementia and/or Alzheimer’s disease. Our staff members are taught to encourage our patients to continue self-care with positive reinforcement and provide an established routine. Our employees also provide our clients with visual reminders of the day of the week, date, and caregivers’ names. Hometown Caring Hands encourages family activities such as creating a timeline scrapbook of the client’s life to provide positive memories so as not forget the loving memories they shared. Our caring staff provide a safe and nurturing environment for your loved while dealing with this difficult disease.

  • Restorative Program

Hometown Caring Hands works hand-in-hand with Hometown Home Health & Hospice staff by maintaining a prescribed exercise regimen after physical or occupational therapy has ended to promote and maintain the client’s progress.

  • Dr. Appointment Buddy System ™

For many families, it is difficult to take time off work to take their parents and loved ones to routine doctor appointments. Our Dr. Appointment Buddy System ℠ assists families with transporting their loved one to their physician, safely and promptly, and all information discussed with the physician is relayed to the designated family or caregiver. Our staff members will provide the family with a detailed report of any medication changes or suggestions from their doctor while assuring our clients arrive safely to and from the physician’s office.