Patients & Families

Patients and Families:

Hospice care does not hasten or postpone death; it aims to make the person as comfortable as possible for the rest of their life.  Deciding when the time has come to consider hospice isn’t easy.  To help to make the decision, ask yourself the following questions:

– Has your loved one asked to end curative treatment for a prolonged illness?
– What are the medical providers saying about the condition?
– Does your loved one want to stay at home rather than return to the hospital?

Is your loved one no longer receiving treatments to cure their disease?
If your loved one is benefitting from curative treatment, hospice care may not be the right treatment at this time. But if you feel that continued treatment isn’t going to change the course of the disease, it may be time to consider hospice care.
Planning for hospice care in advance often means that the person will have the time it requires to peacefully bring closure to a lifetime of accomplishments and relationships. Ideally, there can be time to share, reminisce, and create lasting memories.
Call us for more information, for an info-share, and to make a referral. Our arms are always open for a hug and our minds are always open to listen.

Bereavement Support:

Hometown Hospice offers bereavement services to all patients, families, facilities and the community. These services include:

  • monthly newsletters
  • anticipatory grief support
  • support groups
  • memorial service
  • one-on-one support

Learn about Hometown Hospice’s Bereavement Program

Additional Resources for Bereaved Families and Friends:

The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization offers in depth look at grief, resources for support, answers to frequently asked questions, and other helpful information to assist in your grieving process. offers a variety of articles about coping with grief and the loss of a loved one. They offer a multitude of resources addressing the grieving process and common factors that impact your healing.

The American Hospice Foundation’s Grief Center offers articles and information that help you to work through your grief. This includes articles on anticipatory grief, loss of spouse or parent, and when you know you’re healing and when you may need to seek professional services.