Our Services

Patient Care Team:
At Hometown Hospice, there are numerous people who make up your Care Team, including you!  Your Care Team is comprised of the following:

– Patient and Family / Caregivers
– Primary Care Physician- you can keep your attending physician
– Hospice Medical Director- A geriatrician with years of medical & hospice experience
– RN Case Manager- Administer and oversee patient care and address the unique care  needs associated with life-limiting illness. Our nurses keep watch over your loved ones and make sure they are kept pain free.
– LPN – licensed professional nurse who helps the RN case manager and makes second visits to check on patients and their needs.
– Social Worker- Ensure patients / families receive appropriate care and resources to cope with a serious illness
– Spiritual Care Counselor- Offers spiritual guidance and comfort and provides linkage to community resources
– Hospice Aide- Provide special attention to patients to assist with activities of daily living including bathing, feeding, and dressing
– Volunteers- Provide companionship and general assistance
– Therapists – provide physical, occupational, and speech therapy to help maintain comfort and quality of life.

Levels of Care:

Hometown recognizes that every patient is unique.  We provide different levels of care based on your needs.


This level of care can be used in the patients personal home or wherever patient calls home (Assisted Living or Adult Foster Care). The hospice team, including the volunteer, makes regular visits to the patient providing care as needed.

General In-Patient

This type of care is designed for pain control and symptom management that cannot be fully addressed in the home or health care environment.

Extended Care

This type of care is provided during periods of crisis to maintain the beneficiary at home. If a patient’s caregiver is unwilling or unable to continue providing care, this may precipitate a period of crisis.


Respite care is designed to offer the home caregiver a temporary relief (time out or time away) from the duties of caring for the patient. Medicare will pay for respite care for a period of 5 days in a healthcare center to allow the caregiver a break.